Charter of the Federation

This Charter underlays the principles and expected standards of all organisations wishes to join OCF as member. This Charter is focused on the principles of humanitarian action that NGOs are leading the humanitarian and development aid. Many of the items set forth in this Charter reflect the terms of the Sphere, and Code of Conducts issued by the International Committee of the Red Cross & Red Crescent (ICRC), and in accordance with the demands of the official bodies.

This Charter consolidates some of the points that are described in various documents, which we believe is an integral part of our own principles, as well as expectations of the Federation. This Charter confirm that the charitable organizations, members of the Federation provides for the needy around the world, the imperative in aiding them, within the transparency, integrity and accountability standards and within the resources available.

The signatories to this charter pledge to strive to ensure the following:

Advancing the humanitarian imperative is always first on anything, providing aid to the needy regardless of race, religion, tribe, creed or identity, gender or sexual orientation, social level physical ability. Our standards are based on the need above all.

Aid will not be used to support any political stance or religious or ideological views.

We build local capacity and we involve the beneficiaries in the design of our programs, and to ensure that their participation represents a variety of actors.

Making the principle of “Do No Harm” the mainstream in our relief efforts and development programs; this relates to being aware and understanding between the sexes, political, tribal, social and religious dynamics.

We are responsible and deal transparently with the beneficiaries as well as donors we have, and document the delivery of support and how to spend money.

Attend OCF trainings and engage in relevant debates and discussions.

Adopt and/or create relevant policies for our organisations to ensure compliance, transparency and efficiency.

We comply with guidance, particularly on working internationally and the guidance given in by the local governments where physical offices exist.

Support the OCF by information sharing and reporting challenges when necessary.

Invest in and train our staff in the necessary skill-sets to undertake their work effectively.

Share information and coordinate with OCF members and the wider humanitarian community.