Orphans Care Federation is offering the first training program for qualifying the field worker with orphans in the Middle East with the support of the International Islamic Charity Organization in Kuwait. The program is designed specifically by Orphans Care Federation and with the participation of humanitarian philanthropists and UNICEF, it aims to raise the abilities and skills of the staff to reach the best ways to care for orphans and their families. The training structure we provide is neither a reference nor a set of rules. It is a set of ideas that we can think of to increase the effectiveness and value of our work.


Target group:

Field humanitarian workers and coordinators of protection projects.


Program Goals:

  • Develop the skills, knowledge and attitudes of field workers in line with the needs of families and providing them with psychological support and guidance.
  • Mastering the role of the field worker in how to deal correctly and in accordance with legitimacy standards and international covenants with orphans and their families.


After completing the course, each participant will be able to acquire various skills and knowledge that will provide the following products:

  • Families whose members are healthy physically, psychologically, socially, mentally and spiritually.
  • Families that have a safe and positive family environment that catalyzes and supports the growth and development of their members.
  • Families can secure their living conditions based on their own resources and capabilities.


Program Materials:

  • Who are the workers with widows and orphans.
  • Characteristics of childhood.
  • Field needs assessment.
  • Principles and skills of psychosocial support, and an introduction to work with orphans at risk.
  • Characteristics of orphan and widow and loss officer.
  • Security and personal safety.